Member of the Year Award

Members of the Research DPG of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, lead the future of dietetics by promoting the conduct and application of research related to food, nutrition and dietetics. Our members are a highly valued source for conducting, interpreting and applying research related to food, nutrition and dietetics. Each year, Research DPG honors one of its members who have provided significant and sustained work to advance the mission and goals of the Research DPG with the Research DPG Member of The Year Award.

2016-2017 Research DPG Member of the Year

Elizabeth Parker, PhD, RDN, LDN

Assistant Professor
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Center for Integrative Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dr. Parker’s current research focuses on weight management strategies and lifestyle interventions to improve health and chronic disease related outcomes, as well as identifying barriers to healthy eating in adults.  Dr. Parker has been a member of the Research DPG since 2011, and more recently served as the Website Coordinator from 2014-2016.  As chair of the website committee, she was instrumental in the website redesign process ultimately creating a highly valuable resource for all Research DPG members.  We thank Dr. Parker for all of her contributions to the Research DPG!