Current Award Recipients

2016 Research DPG Awards

2016 Research DPG Awards Criteria

Published Paper First Author

Suzanne Baxter
Institute for Families in Society, College of Social Work
University of South Carolina
Baxter et al. Effectiveness of prompts on fourth-grade children's dietary recall accuracy depends on retention interval and varies by gender. J Nutr 2015; 145:2185-92.


Emerging Investigator First Author Award

Maria Chondronikola
Washington University School of Medicine
Chondronikola, et al. Brown adipose tissue activation is linked to distinct systemic effects on lipid metabolism in humans. Cell Metabolism 2016; 23:1-7.


The Sugar Association/ Research DPG Pilot Grant Program ($5000)

Justine Karkduck, Mobile Apps for Diabetes Care: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Perceptions in Clinical Care. University of Illinois.


Research DPG Student Competition and Awards

Tanya Halliday, Virginia Tech (PhD); University of Colorado (Postdoc). A comparison of hunger, fullness, and palatability between low (5%) and high (25%) added sugar diets in adolescents.

Renee Pieroth, Rutgers University. The relationship between social support and diet quality in middle-aged and older adults in the U.S.