Volunteer Opportunities


"I got involved in the Research DPG early in my career. It gave me a "home" within the Academy. Fellow members were inspiring and encouraging. Eventually I became chair of the DPG and that launched me to the national level. Since then, I have been on the national ballot and was elected speaker of the house of delegates! I have also been on the Academy ballot for President-elect. The Research DPG served a critical role in my career success."  Nancy Lewis, Research DPG member

Interested in broadening your networking opportunities and expanding your leadership skills? 

Serving on the Research DPG Executive Committee provides an opportunity to work with leaders in the field of nutrition research on important issues. Learn more about the positions within the Research DPG Executive Committee by clicking the links below.

Elected Officials
Other Officials


Volunteering provides opportunities to network with Research DPG members and helps the Research DPG grow and prosper. In order to match your interests with a volunteer position, we need to learn more about you. Please send us your name, contact information and a recent CV.