Who Are Research DPG Members?

Our members are valued sources for conducting, disseminating, interpreting and applying food, nutrition and dietetic research. We are dietetic professionals interested in many aspects of research, such as:

  • Dietitians keeping up-to-date with the latest nutrition research
  • Investigators leading nutrition grants and projects
  • Members disseminating and applying research findings
  • Research coordinators for many types of studies
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members involved in a wide variety research projects nationwide and internationally
  • Post-graduates involved in their own research projects
  • Students in undergraduate programs, internships and graduate programs

Our knowledge, expertise and experience are applied to many types of research. Accordingly, our members are employed in various settings such as:

  • Colleges, universities and medical schools
  • Private research institutes and centers
  • Non-profit research agencies
  • Industry
  • Public health departments
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals and clinics