Electronic Mailing List (EML)


"I've been a Research DPG member since I was a student- it has been invaluable. Every job has come from the listserv announcements. I've learned so much from colleagues on the listserv as well as funding announcements and meetings"  Diane M. DellaValle, Research DPG member

The Research DPG manages an electronic discussion list to promote communication and networking among members. Emails may include notices about funding opportunities, current job openings and career opportunities, information regarding upcoming webinars, etc. You will receive an email message anytime a subscribed user sends an email to the list.

To join the Research DPG EML, use the Member Login to access your Research DPG member profile. Under "Subscriptions" and "Email Mailing Lists", click "Opt In"

By opting in to receive the emails from the EML, you are agreeing to the terms set forth in the EML Netiquette and Terms of Use. The EML Netiquette and Terms of Use can be found here.

You also agree to use discussion best suited for this EML- solicit advice from members, learn about career/grant opportunities, and participate in ongoing research-related conversations.


The EML is a member service provided by the Research DPG. Opinions expressed by participants on Research DPG discussion lists are not necessarily the views of the Research DPG or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Neither the Research DPG nor Academy are responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from use, profits, or data stemming from the information receiving through this EML.