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Susan G. Komen 2019 Training Researchers to Eliminate Disparities (TREND) Program Announcement

Disparities in breast cancer outcomes exist since some people from different racial or ethnic backgrounds, or those who live in certain communities, die at higher rates than the average. At Susan G. Komen, we are committed to changing this statistic, and set a goal to cut the number of breast cancer deaths in half by 2026.

The field of disparities research has significant challenges, including a lack of resources to support comprehensive research projects, limited data sets to clearly address research questions, a shortage of people trained to solve these problems, and no venue through which scientists and patient advocates can collaborate to overcome these barriers. This results in later diagnosis, different responses to treatments, and not participating in clinical trials due to systemic bias.

Komen is pleased to announce a Training Researchers to Eliminate Disparities (TREND) grant opportunity. The Application instructions and application system will open on August 27, 2019. Submission deadline is October 17, 2019. For more information visit http://www.komen.org/RFA.


Komen's Disparities Research Program prioritizes research designed to understand the biologic, behavioral, social, and systems causes of breast cancer disparities and test interventions for alleviating these disparities. 

Komen is the only organization supporting a comprehensive, global training program focused on ensuring that the next generation of emerging leaders has the tools they need to make a difference.


 Deadline is October 17, 2019.