Join Us at FNCE

As a practice group, there are lots of opportunities to network during FNCE:

  • Annual Research DPG Breakfast: Come join other members of the DPG for a morning meal and gather the latest news
  • DPG Forum: We’re there! Look for us in the FNCE Exhibit Hall with the other practice groups
  • Educational programming: Each year we submit one or two proposals for FNCE sessions. Stay tuned for announcements about whether our sessions are accepted
  • Pre-FNCE session: Some years the Research DPG also sponsors a research-oriented pre-session educational opportunity. Be on the lookout for e-blasts and posts about pre-session news. Register today for our 2018 session - "Using Dietary Data: Building Blocks to Expand Your Research Portfolio"


2019          Philadelphia, PA            October 26-29 
2020  Indianapolis, IN  October 17-20
2021  New Orleans, LA  October 16-19
2022  Orlando, FL  October 8-11
2023  Denver, CO  October 7-10