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2018-2019 Research DPG Executive Committee Roster

Voting Members

Chair: Ashley Vargas

Chair-elect: Barbara Gordon

Past Chair: Lauri Byerley

Secretary: Tracey Ledoux

Treasurer: Maria Morgan-Bathke

Nominating Committee Chair: Mary-Jon Ludy

HOD Delegate: David Holben

Nominating Committee

Chair: Mary-Jon Ludy

Members: Mary Lesser and Robin Tucker

Website Committee

Website Committee Chair: Valisa Hedrick

Website Committee Member: Kevin Klatt

The Digest

The Digest Editor-in-Chief: Tricia Psota

The Digest Assistant Editors: Judy Gould and Lori Stockert

The Digest Assistant Editor for Student Articles: Chelsea Schulman

The Digest Special Reporters: Danielle Torisky and Erin Gaffney-Stromberg

Academy Liaisons

AND Manager - DPG Relations: Katie Gustafson

Academy Council on Research (COR) Liaison: Barbara Gordon

ACEND Liaison: Tara LaRowe

CPE/EML Administrator: Ines Anchondo

Student Representative Chair: Katie Arlinghaus

Award Committee

Awards Co-Chair: Jennifer Hanson

Awards Co-Chair: Joann McDermid

Additional Member Roles

CPE/EML Administrator: Ines Anchondo

Diversity Liaison: Suzanne Baxter

Fundraising Committee Chair: Lauri Byerley

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair: Carol Berg Sloan 


Historian: Ingrid Lofgren

Membership Chair: Whitney Linsenmeyer

Policy and Advocacy Leader: Brook Harmon

Social Networking Coordinator: Kevin Klatt

Webinar Chair: Maria Azrad

Webinar Co-Chair: Kevin Klatt

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