How Are We Doing?

The leadership of the Research DPG is a dedicated group of volunteers, working on behalf of our membership. Please let us know how we are doing. 

Looking for a Few Good Wo/men

There are lots of ways to get involved!
  • Advocate by responding to the advocacy e-blasts and posts
  • Write an article for The Digest
  • Share with colleagues on the EML
  • Run for an elected position, click here for more information! 

Current Leadership: 2019-2020 Executive Committee

The list below recognizes volunteers with ongoing contributions to the Research DPG. Please contact us to get in touch with one of our Executive Committee members. Also, to learn more about the voting members of the DPG, please review their bios.


  Voting Members

  • Chair: Barbara Gordon
  • Chair-elect: Nancy Emenaker
  • Past Chair: Ashley Vargas
  • Secretary: Erin McKinley
  • Treasurer: Maria Morgan-Bathke
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Mary Lesser
  • HOD Delegate: David Holben

  Academy Liaisons  

  • Academy Manager - DPG Relations: Katie Gustafson
  • Council on Research (COR) Liaison: Mary-Jon Ludy
  • ACEND Liaison: Andrea Lobene
  • Policy and Advocacy Leader: Nichole Reed
  • Historian: Sandra L. Gomez-Perez


  Awards Committee
  • Co-Chair: Joann McDermid
  • Co-Chair: Tracey Ledoux
  • Member: Gigi Kwok-Hinsley

  Newsletter Committee

  • Editor-in-Chief: Tricia Psota
  • Assistant Editors: Judy Gould and Lori Stockert
  • Assistant Editor for Student Articles: Chelsea Schulman
  • Special Reporter: Danielle M. Torisky and Erin Gaffney-Stomberg


  Fundraising Committee
  • Chair: Lauri Byerley
  • Co-Chair: Carol Berg Sloan 
  Nominating Committee
  • Chair: Mary Lesser
  • Members: Phil Karl and Robin Tucker

  Member Relations

  • Membership Coordinator: Heather Gerrish
  • Membership Liaison: Leila Shinn
  • Mentorship Chair: Whitney Linsenmeyer
  • Student Representative Chair: Kate Arlinghaus
  • CPE Administrator: Inés Anchondo
  • Diversity Liaison: Michele (Shelly) DeBiasse

  Web Committee

  • Website Chair: Brooke Wickman
  • Social Networking Coordinator: Kevin Klatt
  • Webinar Co-Chair: Maria Azrad
  • Webinar Co-Chair: Jennifer Waters