Past Recipients

 Want to See Your Name on This List?

2016-2017 AWARDEES

  • Published Paper First Author: Suzanne Baxter
  • Sugar Association/RDPG Pilot Grant: Justine Karkduck
  • Emerging Investigator First Author Award: Maria Chondronikola
  • Research DPG Student Competition and Awards: Tanya Halliday and Renee Pieroth

2015-2016 AWARDEES

  • Published Paper First Author: Lenka Shriver
  • Junior Faculty Author Award: Sarah A. Johnson
  • Sugar Association/RDPG Pilot Grant: Francene Steinberg
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health/Research DPG Early Career Research Scientist Pilot Grant: Mary-Jon Ludy and Robin Tucker
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health/Research DPG Student Competition and Awards: Emily Hill, Chenin Treftz, Amanda Oakley

2014-2015 AWARDEES

  • Research DPG Pilot Grant: Danielle Vassallo
  • First Author Award: Nicolle Fernandes
  • Junior Faculty Paper Award: Elizabeth Parker
  • Student Poster Awards: Jennifer Martin-Biggers; Angela Hamilton; Jei Ren

2013-2014 AWARDEES

  • Research DPG Pilot Grant: Janet Kilmer Grommet
  • Graduate Student Award: Erica Hohol
  • First Author Award: Ashley Vargas 

2012-2013 AWARDEES

  • Research DPG Pilot Grant: Kathleen Melanson
  • Graduate Student Award: Erica Hohol
  • Undergraduate Student Award: Ariana Fiorita
  • First Author Award: Virginia Quick

2011-2012 AWARDEES

  • Solae Research DPG Pilot Grant: Ashley Vargas
  • Graduate Student Award: Maria Chondronikola

2009-2010 AWARDEES

  • First Research DPG Pilot Grant: Suzanne Spang Summer
  • Undergraduate Student Research Award: Jenna Heller
  • Graduate Student Research Award: Kathryn E. Piehowski

2008-2009 AWARDEES

  • Undergraduate Award: Ashley McCormick
  • Graduate Student Award: Martha Valverde