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The Research Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) is an enthusiastic group of nutrition and dietetic professionals dedicated to improving understanding about the impact of food and nutrition on health and disease. The field of nutrition is multi-faceted—thus, DPG members have disparate research interests. However, the drive for evidence bonds us

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About Us


Advance research as the foundation of nutrition and food knowledge and practice.


Improve health by leading, advancing, translating, and disseminating nutrition and food research.


The goals of the Research DPG are to:

  1. Support the goals of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  2. Assess and plan for continuing professional education needs of the dietetic practice group members.
  3. Promote the visibility of dietetics research and communication between researchers and practitioners.
  4. Promote original research activity of dietetic practice group members.
  5. Provide a network for reviewing and exchanging information and educational materials relating to dietetics research.
  6. Act as a liaison with Academy dietetic practice groups, state research practice groups, and other organizations with research activities.

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Research DPG News

2023-2024 Officers

Chair: Tracey Ledoux

Chair-elect: Andrea Arikawa

Past Chair: Mary Lesser

Secretary: Dara LoBuono

Treasurer: Taylor Wallace

HOD Delegate: Mary Curnette

Nominating Committee Chair: Janet Antwi


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