Nutrition Researchers Rock!

The Research Dietetic Practice Group is a membership organization comprised of nutrition and dietetic professionals who conduct, disseminate, interpret, and apply food, nutrition and dietetic research, joined by colleagues who want to expand their horizons about research.


Who We Are...

Professionals with an Interest in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetic Research

  • Clinical dietitians wanting to learn more about evidence-based practice
  • Food service managers striving to optimize operations
  • Public health dietitians looking to enhance their research and impact
  • Nutrition and dietetic professionals staying abreast of research
  • Investigators leading nutrition grants and projects
  • Researchers looking to disseminate and apply research findings
  • Undergraduate and graduate students and dietetic interns wanting to learn more
  • Diet techs supporting research projects
  • Post-graduates conducting their own research projects
  • Research coordinators for many types of studies

Passionate Individuals Working Nationally and Internationally

  • Colleges, universities and medical schools
  • Private research institutes and centers
  • Non-profit research agencies
  • Industry
  • Public health departments
  • Government agencies
  • Hospitals and clinics 
  • Private practice

Researchers with a Diverse Range of Investigative Interests

  • Animal, cell, and molecular studies
  • Human nutrition science
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Community nutrition
  • Health literacy
  • Nutrition epidemiology
  • Health outcomes
  • Complementary medicine
  • Functional foods
  • Food science
  • Health communications
  • Wellness 

Are you a RDPG member whose research connection is not highlighted above? Let us know and we'll add it to the list!