Apply for Awards & Grants

About the Types of Awards & Grants

The Research DPG offers two types of awards: Author Awards and Research Awards. Criteria for each award, including requirements of application format, content, and submission deadline are detailed in the links below and on the grant platform.

Tips for Submitting a Competitive Application

  1. Review the award criteria carefully
  2. Read the application requirements
  3. Follow format and application content directions
  4. Submit your application on time

Tracking Your Application

Applicants receive an email confirming receipt of their application. It is your responsibility to follow-up if an email notification of receipt is not received.

The Award Decision Making Process

The Research DPG Awards Committee reviews each application and decides the winners. Award sponsors do not vote. By the way, the topic of the award does NOT have to relate to the sponsor's product or service.  Award decisions are sent via email. 


Submit your Application for a Research DPG
Grant or Award


The RDPG is offering award opportunities for the summer cycle with an August 15th application deadline.  All applicants are required to have a 2022-2023 RDPG membership. For more information and to apply, please visit: There will be an additional winter grant cycle—stay tuned!

Note: Each year, the grant values offered by these annual awards vary depending upon the availability of sponsorship funds.


The Sugar Association/Research DPG Pilot Grant Award 

This award is a $10,000 research grant supported by funds generously donated by The Sugar Association. All members are eligible to apply; however, student members must have a research mentor.*

The Research Dietetic Practice Group Mid/Late Career Faculty Pilot Grant Award 

This award is a $10,000 research grant supported by the RDPG.  To be eligible, members must be 10 years or more post terminal degree and display a record of substantial research, mentoring, and training.*

The Research Dietetic Practice Group Student Abstract Award 

Undergraduate and graduate students listed as first author on a research abstract accepted for presentation at FNCE® are eligible to apply for one of two $500 recognition awards.  Recipients will present their research during the FNCE RDPG member meeting either in-person or via recorded video presentation.*

Emerging Researcher Author Award

Members eligible to apply for this recognition award must be listed as the first author on a peer-reviewed scientific paper and must also be a current student or be no more than 8 years past completion of their highest conferred degree. Papers must have been published between May 15, 2021 and August 15, 2022.*


*All award winners will be selected by the Research DPG Awards Committee independent of the sponsor and based solely on the criteria found on the Research DPG website

Interested in volunteering for the RDPG Awards Committee? Let us know!

Email the Research DPG Awards committee with any questions about awards and these funding opportunities.