Awards & Grants

Member Shout Outs

Our members are making a difference in the lives of many by moving the global understanding of nutrition science forward. To recognize these great accomplishments, the Research DPG offers a variety of awards for members.


Submit your Application for a Research DPG Grant or Award

The RDPG is offering award opportunities for the summer cycle with an August 15th application deadline.  All applicants are required to have a 2022-2023 RDPG membership. For more information and to apply, please visit:  There will be an additional winter grant cycle—stay tuned!

Note: Each year, the grant values offered by these annual awards vary depending upon the availability of sponsorship funds.

The Sugar Association/Research DPG Pilot Grant Award 

This award is a $10,000 research grant supported by funds generously donated by The Sugar Association. All members are eligible to apply; however, student members must have a research mentor.*

The Research Dietetic Practice Group Mid/Late Career Faculty Pilot Grant Award 

This award is a $10,000 research grant supported by the RDPG.  To be eligible, members must be 10 years or more post terminal degree and display a record of substantial research, mentoring, and training.*

The Research Dietetic Practice Group Student Abstract Award 

Undergraduate and graduate students listed as first author on a research abstract accepted for presentation at FNCE® are eligible to apply for one of two $500 recognition awards.  Recipients will present their research during the FNCE RDPG member meeting either in-person or via recorded video presentation.*

Emerging Researcher Author Award

Members eligible to apply for this recognition award must be listed as the first author on a peer-reviewed scientific paper and must also be a current student or be no more than 8 years past completion of their highest conferred degree. Papers must have been published between May 15, 2021 and August 15, 2022.*


*All award winners will be selected by the Research DPG Awards Committee independent of the sponsor and based solely on the criteria found on the Research DPG website