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The Research DPG encourages all RDNs to join and embrace evidence-based practice. Students and interns are also welcome. And, receive the same benefits for a reduced rate! Plus, there are student-only Awards available for DPG members!


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There are lots of good reasons to join. Check out our top ten list for why you should become a Research DPG member below.

Academy members can join the Research DPG in the spring as part of the annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership renewal. Membership is a great deal:


  • $30 for active Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members
  • $15 for student members

You can also join the Research DPG anytime during the year on the Academy’s website:

  • Login to the Academy website
  • Open the "My Academy Toolbar"
  • Click on "My Groups"
  • Select "Add Group"
  • Join the Research DPG

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Today

  1. Learn More About Research

    • Network with leaders in the field of dietetics, food and nutrition research
    • Find colleagues with similar research interests
  2. Discover Grants and Locate Experts

    • Sign up for the electronic mailing list and e-blasts to learn about funding opportunities
    • Find research experts through the Research DPG Member Directory
  3. Participate in Cutting-Edge Webinars

    • Find out the state of the science on a variety of topics
    • Learn more about research and how to interpret the evidence
  4. Find Out About Projects and Positions

    • Follow up on Twitter and Facebook for news about research projects
    • Find out about employers seeking nutrition experts for research projects
  5. Attend Virtual/In-Person CPEU Programs

    • Access free CPE articles in The Digest
    • Additional CPE available via Webinars
  6. Access the Research DPG Toolbox

    • We’ve scoured the web and our research brains and, collected just for members, a toolbox of valuable research tools!
    • The toolbox is coming soon!
  7. Become a Researcher Mentee/Mentor

    • Tap into the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of a seasoned researcher as a mentee
    • Or, share your lifetime of expertise as a mentor
  8. Share Your Findings in RDPG Newsletter

    • Get a wonderful "qual" for your CV
    • Need help for your first article? Reach out to a colleague in the Member Directory
  9. Apply for Member-Only Awards & Grants

    • Author awards and research grants available!
    • Looking for funding or kudos to add to your CV?
    • Application is open to all members—that includes students, too!
  10. Invest Wisely—The Price Is Right!

    • Student membership: $10
    • Active membership: $30